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Do you want more traffic and mature business leads? Then book one of our Ad Spaces into Ideadeco Blog.

Have you always wanted to connect with the audience of Ideadeco Blog? Would you like to see your ad included in our monthly newsletter?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to reach our highly educated and business-savvy community directly with promoted & detailed information about your brand, interview, workshop, product, service, or event.

We are opening up these ad spaces opportunities as a way of pairing our audience with valuable offerings that are relevant to the people following our blog. Our audience is located mostly in the USA, Greece, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Ideadeco Ad Spaces

As an advertiser, your ad will be placed in front of unique and extremely high educated professionals representing thousands of agencies, tech companies, content creators, digital entrepreneurs and designers from a variety of luxury industries.

All our ads are designed to promote the content in front of the potential audience in order to boost your business and increase your professional success.

We offer the following ad spaces options:

  1. Ad space at the right sidebar (square)
  2. Ad space at the bottom area of blog or article (horizontal)
  3. A native ad space inside post or/and article (horizontal)
  4. A dedicated blog post up to 850 words with 5 photos
  5. An extended interview up to 1000 words
  6. Include your ad into our monthly newsletter recommendations
  7. One social media post on our social media channels: Facebook business page, Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr

Language: English

Ad Spaces Packages and Pricing

If you are interested to reach new audiences then feel free to contact us for our Ad Spaces packages and pricing and we will send you our detailed ad plan. Learn more information about Ideadeco Ad Spaces Packages and Pricing in this guide.

Do you want more traffic and mature business leads? Then book one of our Ad Spaces into Ideadeco Blog.

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