We have reached nearly the end of the year, as we are only two weeks away from New Year’s Eve. And all Instagramers are sharing their Top Nine moments of 2019.

My Top Nine Instagram Photo Grid for 2019 is published and ready to meet yours!

Being a heave Instagram user myself, it wouldn’t feel right not to share my Top Nine Instagram moments, too. So here they are:

My Top Nine Instagram Photos 2019 - Areti Vassou
My Top Nine Instagram Photos 2019 – Areti Vassou

And all of them happens to be my top nine favorite ones!

Go to topnine.co

The good news is that this year – only for those who use iOS – that you can choose to share your Top Nine as an image, video, Instagram Story, and more.

The brilliant minds and developers behind Top Nine say they have “focused on video and story templates” this year, with videos and Stories-sharing only available in the mobile app. For the time being, video templates are only available on iOS.

This is how you can find your Top Nine Instagram moments. Visit topnine.co, and just download the usual Top Nine grid. Just add your Instagram username and email and wait for one minute tops.

And here it is, your bright new Top Nine grid as a 1080×1920-pixel image, including the grid itself and the number of likes received by your account in 2019. Pretty easy, right? If you feel like sharing then hit share now and let the world know your Top Nine.

The Developers behind Top Nine

The Founder of Top Nine App is Kevin Natanzon

He is also the Founder of @BetaLabs, a company building apps used by millions. You can read his articles about Technology, Marketing and Design at BetaLabs.studio

Over the past 4 years at Beta Labs, they have built many internet products. Throughout their journey, they always shared their progress and key learnings, with the main goal of helping other marketers, engineers, designers and founders.

The main differences between Top Nine

and other available apps

There are many apps out there claiming to be Top Nine, and many others that enable you to generate a grid with your best nine Instagram photos of this year. This is how it differentiates from others:

Private accounts

Creating your Top Nine doesn’t require your password if your account is public. Many news outlets mentioning other apps suggested making your account public to generate your Top Nine. This will automatically accept everyone who requested to follow you. You’ll probably regret this later.

This is the only app enabling private users to create the Top Nine grid, using the official Instagram API (we never store or have access to your Instagram password).

Beta labs Studio
Beta labs Studio

App building company

They started as an app-building company, acquiring users mainly through publishers and influencers. Their apps always went viral and are used by millions of users. You can read more about this stage here: How we succeeded on the App Store and acquired 4,000,000 users.

Top Nine got them into the eCommerce industry

They partnered with printing companies to enable users to print their Instagram posts on t-shirts, canvases, iPhone cases, and many other products.

To showcase the products attractively with the selected image on it, they developed a 3D rendering feature. This technology is now the foundation of their AR tools and technology.

The app went viral and got over 1.2 million users in the first month. You can read more about how they did it here: Top Nine is going viral!

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