If you want people to pay attention to what you are sharing then you should first listen carefully to what they are saying to you. Learn to pay attention if you want to receive attention. Communication and conversations are two-way streets.

On every given occasion when things seem to need an extra effort, step in with the willingness to find a solution. Never try to prove that you are right, that you know better… Instead, show that you are interested to understand the other person’s point of view by asking meaningful questions.

How not to mention that meaningful conversations are also a great tool for personal branding. Giving free and valuable information to people, makes them want to learn more about you. They come to you. It is true, that every person knows what is best for them and who is the best fit for their needs. Never underestimate a person’s IQ and EQ. A great conversation can help you build strong relationships and bonds with different communities.

Respect People Around You

Within 24 hours we can become recipients or even bearers of abusive speech under the guise of stress and pressure in our lives. As much as we want to exonerate this “outbreak” tactic, it is in no way justified. Here it is necessary to emphasize that the consequences of abusive speech naturally do not disappear with the well-known phrases: “Come on, baby, I didn’t mean it” or “Come on, don’t be so sensitive” or “That’s me, I just call a spade a spade” and so on.

Just because almost everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s right or normal to act like a bum just because we can or because we need to vent somewhere.

Every Single Decision Matters

As a digital expert, every single decision you make impacts in the real world. The tactics you apply to your client’s digital assets, can bring results but also are tiny stones in the making process of the industry’s legacy.

Make way for the best practices, and choose to do the right thing. Not because there is a fear of punishment but for building a better world. All digital actions can cause huge reactions in the real world.

The only way we have to protect our integrity is to publish accurate information and focus on the truth. And no, there isn’t such a thing as micro-management of truth depending on the ears. Truth is the truth. Facts are facts.

Share Less. Share Better.

Each time I see people or/and brands posting on their Facebook personal accounts, Facebook pages, groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all their social media accounts the same post again & again & again … my mind explodes with boredom.

In situations like this, one question pops up in my head. Why they are doing this? Don’t they know that talking about yourself too much is often a sign of a needy personality that seeks attention? Who on earth will trust a person or a brand when they are stigmatized as narcissist monsters?


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