We are proud to announce that Ariadne Nikaki, founder of ARIA PR, is the appointed PR Strategist for the international and national communication plan of IDEADECO SEO Copywriting & Digital Marketing Agency in Greece, Cyprus, Australia, Europe and the USA.

Ariadne Nikaki will manage all press releases, publicity and branding strategy for our company and its clientele. Key areas of focus will be brand building, generating awareness and increasing community engagement through conferences and events.

She will be responsible for coordinating all public relations activities, developing the marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics, designing and executing the media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media.

Ariadne Nikaki PR Strategist
Ariadne Nikaki PR Strategist

About Ariadne Nikaki

“I am dedicated to helping you become all that you can be, with all that you are”. – Ariadne Nikaki

Ariadne Nikaki has studied Politics & Communication (Public Relations) and she was specialized on Political Communication. For more than twenty years, she has worked in companies and organizations as a public relations manager and as an event manager. She is an established expert on personal and business branding, improving the brand image of entrepreneurs or/and a brands and companies, accomplished through planning, designing and implementing marketing strategies, initiatives, creative campaigns and PR events, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

Her main goal is to help her clients discover and embrace their genuine identity and then use this force to increase their confidence, their visibility, and their personal and business growth. Independently she develops and plans internal and external communication strategies, as well as the tactical executions of that strategies. Also, she invests her attention to increasing visibility with media and public relations activities for building our clients’ brand awareness.

Ariadne Nikaki has been awarded for her strategic PR Strategy Plans in Greece, Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, Africa and the UAE. Her PR Consulting Agency is located in Greece but she delivers her services all over the world. ARIA PR is behind the success of top tier local and global brands.

Meet our New PR Strategist Ariadne Nikaki
Meet our New PR Strategist Ariadne Nikaki

Follow Ariadne Nikaki updates at her official website www.ariapr.gr and www.ariadnenikaki.gr

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