Enjoy the warm sun on your face during a cold winter day. That’s the definition of apricity.

Since the beginning of March, Greece is recovering from an unbearable tragic event. It is difficult to accept what has happened. Yesterday, the winter sun was warm and everything felt so peaceful and beautiful for a moment. The warm sun on our faces during a cold winter day brought hope and acceptance into our hearts.

At that moment, we saw a couple of shy smiles while some kids were playing joyfully in the school’s backyard. And just like that, life took its course back to everyday routine, so effortlessly that left some of us speechless. Oh, Life has a wise way of moving on…

No one knows what Life can bring to our doorstep. It is wise, to make peace with the uncertainty of Life.

How to move on?

Take baby steps. Tiny steps every single day. Reach out to your loved ones and spend time with them. Accept your feelings and share them with people you trust.

Day after day it will become less difficult.

Somedays you can and somedays you can not. Embrace both.

[Fisrt published at Ideadeco Newsletter]

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