In times of uncertainty, keeping your spirit up becomes even more important. Make room for joy into your life. Quarantine life is also a reminder that the gift of being here & alive worths your smile. Make good use of your time. Choose what brings you joy and not just things or activities that are trendy or obligatory.

Give yourself the time and the space to adapt to this new reality. Fear can cloud our judgment and can make anyone behave irrational. Try to be less judgemental with all the craziness around because even the most experienced people can do stupid things when they are afraid. Shake it off and start making plans on how to deal with this new normality of shelter in place.

Stay at Home

Staying at home is actually an act of kindness and accountability towards our family and community. And it’s the only effective measure of protection and prevention against COVID-19 pandemic spread. Social distancing is the ultimate strategy to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Stay at home and do the best you can to stay strong and positive!

Stay Strong

We are apart but not alone. Stay positive and strong! Do daily little things that remind you the beauty of life. My personal action of gratitude is gardening. Find something that feeds your soul with positivity. It may sound easy but sometimes we need to put some extra effort just to keep our sanity protected. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health right now.

We are apart but not alone!

Stay Healthy & Positive

Take good care of yourself! Stay healthy and keep your spirit up. Write down what you have to do and take out things that create unnecessary anxiety. Make good use of your energy and time, daily.

Be real… Now is not the time to worry about productivity goals but about health. Do whatever you need to do to get through this.

Now mental & physical health is way more important than anything else. It’s fine to fail your productivity goals while you struggle to stay healthy. Stop punishing yourself for feeling anxiety or fear for tomorrow. Be kind to yourself and to the people around you.

Stay Focused

Just let all the anxiety and fear to vanish. Let it go and train your mind to stay focused. Take one step at a time if you want to gain a sense of fuilfrmnet of life even under extremely difficult conditions.

In the rush to return to normal use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to! Focus on what matters and create your new normal with an open heart & mind!

The courage to admit that you don’t have all the answers will open new doors and will bring new possibilities and new ways on the table. When we don’t know, we are ready to try something new. We are ready to take the risk. And eventually to move on!

Stay Calm

All of us, we are swimming into unmapped waters.

I don’t know what the next day will bring for my family, my business, my friends and for myself. But I do know that I trust the willingness to create new habits and to adapt to all the upcoming changes. I have faith in human nature and our unquestionable ability to explore terra incognita beyond our comfort zone.

Try to stay calm. Be kind to yourself and to the people around you.

Stay true to yourself and values. It’s just a period of quarantine, not a period for finding excuses to be the worst version of yourself. Be the better person, always! Talk less and do more that can relieve your anxiety.

Stay True

Dare to set yourself free of what others think you should or shouldn’t do. Stand still for a moment and dare to offer yourself what you really need. And remember that most of the times, it’s the little things that bring us peace… You don’t need permission to do what pleases your heart. A free spirit needs some room of freedom to bloom even under the most difficult circumstances. Set your own rules!

Use your imagination to create new ways of living and thinking! Quarantine period can become an opportunity for development only if you open up to changes and let go of fear.

Stay Creative

Now is the right time to give your creativity a chance to make you smile! Quarantine life can be tough but also joyful.

Let’s be honest… Working flexibility and personalized workflow are the top benefits of working from home. Even if it’s something new for you, it can be really helpful if you just let the work guide you on how to deal with all daily tasks. It is a fact that new conditions build new habits!

Make time to communicate with your friends and family members through telephone or video calls. Don’t neglect the people around you just because social distancing has locked us in house. If you can offer your help to senior citizens near you.

Stay Joyful

Make joy your top priority. Keep dreaming and maybe planning your next steps after the lockdown is over. Soon we will be able to meet our family and friends, travel to our summer houses or to new travel destinations. Life will go on!

Serenity needs hope and trust to bloom. Do your best to keep your peace of mind during the quarantine. We can’t wait for the summer to start. Greece is a safe destination for summer vacations and future plans after quarantine life. Explore where you can spend some days in order to gain your faith in life and beauty… Discover Greece and the safest travel destinations for your next family vacation.

Stay Active

Stay alive and kicking… get up and dance… lift your hands in the air and start singing along with your favorite song on the radio. Stay active and keep hope alive. Play with your pet, bake if you are into cooking, knit something if you like handmade stuff, or even start to paint, play an instrument. Find something that helps you stay active and present in life.

You don’t need permission to do what pleases your heart and have fun.

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