Sometimes doing the wrong thing can bring the right results… Give me 2 minutes to explain.

Ideadeco Newsletter reached a new record. 56840 people subscribers officially receive our monthly newsletter. We started with only 100 Newsletter subscribers and now we have grown into a huge community of 56.840 people.

Not bad for a small business, right?
Do you want to learn how we accomplished it?

  1. For starters, we deliver what we promise.
  2. Secondly, we create newsletters that we would love to read as subscribers.
  3. We respect the attention and time of our followers & subscribers.

Our newsletter rings our subscribers’ doorbells once a month with various topics regarding SEO, copywriting, life lessons, traveling, digital nomads, digital marketing, social media, metaverse, newsletters, workshops, creativity, and business news. And as it seems, people do enjoy reading our Newsletter because we have a positive open rate of 62% – 75% every single month.

What’s our secret?

Our newsletter content is made by humans, for humans.

We have one little trick that works wonders. We let some minor spelling mistakes fly within the text. We know that 95% of our community feels comfortable when they spot minor spelling mistakes. We run several surveys every year and the results are crystal clear: people trust more made by human texts with 1% spelling mistakes.

Additionally, our existing email subscribers keep inviting their friends to follow our newsletter. Therefore, we don’t need to pay any kind of advertising fees on any online platform.

At the end of our Newsletter, we have one Call To Action that goes like this:

If you like what you read then invite your friends to join us!
Feel free to share your feedback with us at

We keep our Monthly Newsletter, clean, easy to read, and full of useful information. Don’t take our word for it… Check it out with your own eyes >>>

Lessons learned this month:

Dare to Change the way you do things!
And whatever you do, keep it real.

Note: This text is made by real humans.

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