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What really is a coincidence? Is there one unified way in which all of the coincidences in the universe can be understood, or are we left with an uncomfortable illusion of luck?

Source: It’s a coincidence, right?

And this one will make your heart skip a bit:  Bubbles of the multiverse


Anthropic Principle*

Doing research about my next post regarding anthropic principle this blog pop up at the second google page. My curiosity bug me to read more… The best impulse ever! Well written and easy to the eye text for a quite complex theme. Congrats to the authors.

Taste the magic at  www.rationalisingtheuniverse.org

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*Anthropic principle 

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The anthropic principle (from Greek anthropos, meaning “human”) is the philosophical consideration that observations of the Universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it. Some proponents of the anthropic principle reason that it explains why this universe has the age and the fundamental physical constants necessary to accommodate conscious life. As a result, they believe it is unremarkable that this universe has fundamental constants that happen to fall within the narrow range thought to be compatible with life. The strong anthropic principle (SAP) as explained by John D. Barrow and Frank Tipler states that this is all the case because the universe is in some sense compelled to eventually have conscious and sapient life emerge within it. Some critics of the SAP argue in favor of a weak anthropic principle (WAP) similar to the one defined by Brandon Carter, which states that the universe’s ostensible fine tuning is the result of selection bias: i.e., only in a universe capable of eventually supporting life will there be living beings capable of observing and reflecting upon fine tuning. Most often such arguments draw upon some notion of the multiverse for there to be a statistical population of universes to select from and from which selection bias (our observance of only this universe, compatible with our life) could occur.

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