Our Guest Blogger Hanna Stevenson clarifies how to make every single email subject line to stand out from the crowd. You already know that as average attention spans are as little as 8 seconds, you need to make sure that you’re making an impact before you even get someone to open your email.

After all, if they’re skimming through their inbox and are unimpressed or unsure about your subject line, then they’ll be unlikely to even open your email, meaning that you’ve wasted your opportunity to engage with them.

Worse still, if they think that your subject line is suspicious, then they might mark your email as SPAM. Being marked as SPAM can have a number of consequences, including impeding deliverability and damaging your domain’s reputation.

How to Make Your Email Subject Line Stand Out

Email Spam Factors to Avoid

To avoid being marked as SPAM, you need to make sure that your subject lines are short, snappy and original, but that they also convey everything that the reader needs to know about the contents of your email.

Try to make them factual, whilst also teasing the recipient if you’re sending out a cold email. For newsletters, you can get a bit more creative, while you should remain factual and to-the-point when writing follow-up emails.

At the end of the day, the subject line you write will depend on the purpose of your email, so you need to refer to the above paragraph and try to understand what your reader is looking for in your email when trying to compose the perfect subject line.

How to Make Your Email Subject Line Stand Out

Begin Every Email With A Positive

Starting an email with a positive, even if the email is a rejection or refusal, will make a good first impression and encourage your recipient to open it quickly.

The initial use of a positive phrase will ensure that your reader associates you with positive feelings and show your manners. This last point is particularly crucial- increasingly, individuals forget basics like please and thank you in their emails, and this can make them look unprofessional.

No matter how busy you are, make sure that you always thank people for everything that they do for you, apologize for anything that you do wrong, and say please for anything that you need.
These small acts of kindness will make your recipients more inclined to help you and provide you with what you need.

If you’re selling to them, then good manners will encourage them to trust you, as they will feel like they’re getting excellent customer service before they’ve even bought anything from you.

How to Make Your Email Subject Line Stand Out

Use The Right Anchor Text For Any Links

When sending links, it looks more professional if you add a hyperlink to a word or phrase, rather than including the full URL.

If you understand how to use anchor texts for link building and other digital marketing practices, then you shouldn’t find it too hard to apply these tactics to your emails. Simply find a relevant phrase or word and add your link. Most email providers allow you to add links by right-clicking easily and then selecting ‘link’ in the dropdown.

Using the correct anchor text will improve the usability of your email content- if readers want certain information, then you need to make sure that the anchor text tells them what they will learn if they click on the link.

If the anchor text is irrelevant or unclear, then readers will not stay on the page for long, and they might also distrust the rest of the information that you’re providing in your email.

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About Hannah Stevenson

Hannah leads the Content Marketing team by example, developing strategy, writing content and passionately promoting it. She is the former Senior Editor of an international publishing house and is loaded up with a Master’s in English Lit and Film Studies and a BA Hons in English from Chester Uni.

As the Content Marketing Manager at UK Linkology, the UK’s highest-ranking link-building agency, Hannah Stevenson understands what makes great content, and is eager to share her tips with business owners from across the corporate world.

How to Make Your Email Subject Line Stand Out

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