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The company Grafimedia develops, installs and supports digital medical information systems and advanced SaaS Health IT integration solutions. Clinical information may be available as text, voice, image or video. Clinical images that are generated by medical equipment, such as an ultrasound scanner, CT, MRI, colposcope, endoscope or microscope are transferred into a computer, where they are integrated with other relevant information into an electronic patient file.

Grafimedia SaaS Health IT Experts

This multimedia file may then be made available, via a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) to any point that is needed. When there is no capability of transferring digital information via a network, it can be recorded onto a CD-ROM or DVD and then physically delivered to where it is needed. Although Grafimedia is focused on the digital clinical information should there be a need for a hard copy printout, perhaps for documentation purposes, we provide the solution for printing on plain A4 paper.

Grafimedia SaaS Health IT Experts correctly evaluate customer needs and can recommend a total solution that fits best the budget of the private practice, diagnostic center, clinic or hospital. They may recommend systems that have been developed in-house, or they may recommend top-quality products from well known third-party manufacturers, from all over the world. Careful scrutiny of financial and technical data, coupled with comprehensive analysis of your needs, allows our IT experts to propose the solution with the most favorable cost to value ratio.

Departments: Sales Department,  Support Department,  Development Department,  Marketing Department 

Specialities: Health Information Technology, PACS DICOM , ICON Integration Solutions, ICON EMReHealth


Founded: 1994

Grafimedia SaaS Health IT Experts


Grafimedia’s Mission

Over the last decade, the volume of medical information is increasing exponentially, while the management is becoming increasingly complex. Nowadays medical data are produced on various operating systems, using protocols that most of the time cannot communicate with one another. The invaluable contribution of the DICOM3 and HL7 protocols in solving the problem is not sufficient. The easy search and fast retrieval of information are still a challenge and Grafimedia has created solutions that meet these needs.

“At Grafimedia we accept this challenge. We are a net of SaaS Health Information Technology Experts, operating in different countries. We analyze, design, develop and implement workflows for any kind and size of healthcare facility. Grafimedia SaaS Health IT Team approach each case individually, trying to integrate and bridge existing systems, not necessarily replace them. At the same time, we provide the best cost/performance ratio, without exceeding budgets.”  – Spiros Kokkalis, CEO & Founder of


Products & Services

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