Have we ever told you what lies at the heart of what we do here at IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency? The time has come to introduce you to the pillar values of our copywriting culture and practices.

In other words, this is how we keep aligned our copywriting values & quality inside our team, no matter where our people are located. One thing is for sure, we have one top principle: quality is always over quantity.

As the online industry continues to strive for excellence in every piece of content, we pay attention and create unique digital content, while we remain aligned with our Copywriting Agency’s values to deliver top-notch work to our clients consistently. Every new team member receives the following list of instructions.

This is how we welcome new team members!

Our new team members receive a box full of surprises and the following email.

Welcome to our team!

We don’t care if you need two days or two weeks to complete any given task. You will find the working schedule that best fits your personal life. We only care that you meet the deadlines without killing your health, life, and creativity. After you are given a new project, it’s up to you how many hours you will need to deliver it. Ok? Just deliver it on time!

But, do respect all the briefing details and our core copywriting values. Here they are:

Clarity and Conciseness: Our first and foremost value is to ensure that our writing is clear and concise. In a world where attention spans are shrinking, our message must be easily understood. Let’s focus on crafting content that is free of jargon, gets to the point quickly, and guides the reader effortlessly through the information. Never exceed the word limit!

Audience-Centric Approach: Remember, our words are meant to resonate with our client’s target audiences. To achieve this, we must deeply understand the demographics, preferences, and pain points of the readers. Tailoring our content to speak directly to our audience’s needs will not only engage them but also establish our authority in the subject matter. Follow the questions we’ve sent you attached to each project.

Value Addition: Every piece of content we produce should bring value to the reader. Whether it’s through informative blog posts, compelling product descriptions, or engaging social media updates, our words should provide insights, solutions, or entertainment. Let’s ensure that we’re not just creating content for the sake of it but contributing positively to our readers’ experiences. In other words, if it makes you sleepy, then it needs improvements!

Authenticity and Trustworthiness: Trust is the foundation of effective communication. Read this again. Our writing should reflect authenticity and honesty. Cite credible sources, fact-check thoroughly, and avoid making exaggerated claims. By maintaining integrity, we not only build trust with our audience but also enhance our clients’ reputations. Never post lies or false information!!! It’s the only reason that could kick you out of our team.

Creativity and Originality: In a sea of content, standing out is vital. We encourage creativity in our writing by exploring unique angles, using fresh metaphors, and thinking outside the box. Originality sparks interest and keeps readers coming back for more. But, respect the client’s brand voice. Please, do not use brands as a vessel of your author inside your head. Instead, go publish your book or poems. We can even support you financially on this!

SEO Integration: As an SEO copywriting agency, we understand the importance of optimizing content for search engines. Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into the content to improve search visibility. However, remember that quality always comes first – never sacrifice readability for the sake of keywords. If you are feeling out of your safe zone, please contact your country supervisor or, even better, attend one of our SEO Copywriting webinars – it’s free for our team members.

Adaptability and Relevance: The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and so are the preferences of our audience. Stay updated with the latest trends, news, and changes in the industry. Our writing should reflect current relevance, ensuring that our content remains valuable and engaging. That’s why we send you our internal company newsletter with all the latest updates. Open it, read it, and apply the new methods. (You know we can see if you don’t read the internal newsletter, right?)

Collaboration and Constructive Feedback: Our team is our greatest asset. Collaboration enhances our collective creativity and expertise. Feel free to share ideas, seek feedback, give feedback, and offer suggestions to one another. Constructive criticism helps us grow and refine our skills. We have established a “Leave me alone day” once a month, in case you are fed up with online blah, blah, blah. Feel free to use it whenever you need it.

As we move forward, let’s keep these pillar values in mind with every project we undertake. By adhering to these principles, we will not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations, further establishing IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency as a leader in the digital field.

If anyone has thoughts, questions, or examples to share regarding these values, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our collective commitment to these values will undoubtedly elevate our work and our agency’s reputation. I am always available for every single person on my team. If you want to talk with me, book an online appointment through the internal calendar you received. Don’t forget to use your code.

May the copywriting force be with you!

Areti Vassou

Founder of IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency


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