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Epidemic Sound is  ‘Sweden’s best-kept secret’. They were founded in 2009 and started as a production music library and over the past eight years, they transformed into a new breed of a music company.

Epidemic Sound’s Royalty Free music library provides cutting edge production music for your films, TV and YouTube content.

Their purpose is to help individuals and companies soundtrack their stories with quality music. And they know better than most, given that two of their founders are well respeSwedishedish music producers, that you can’t have quality music without quality musicians.


The Musicians

The company’s mission is to find and work with the most talented musicians in the industry. And they really do everything to ensure that they can introduce only the best! They work closely with musicians to create awesome tracks and then make them available for anyone at anytime to soundtrack their story on any platform.

Epidemic Sound pays for all music upfront and split revenues from tracks they upload to music streaming platforms. For example, on the tracks, they are uploading to Spotify, they have a 50/50 revenue split with all of their musicians.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound



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This is not a sponsored post. We love and support Epidemic Sound.❤️

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