Winning App: HealthMail

Grafimedia received Bronze Award for HealthMail App at the eHealth category nominations by the Healthcare Business Awards 2017.

Grafimedia CEO, Spiros Kokkalis: We would like to thank all members of the Healthcare Business Committee for this award. But mostly we are grateful to all our clients that have trusted us since we started our SaaS Medical Software products. HealthMail App is the latest addition to our SaaS digital health services and although it is so young, trustworthy healthcare facilities have already applied HealthMail to their everyday communication with their patients.


HealthMail was built by Grafimedia Development Team, to establish a strong and secure communication channel between doctors, hospitals, clinics and patients. Email and Health Data as a service, is actually having a tailor-made digital inbox in your hands, where and when you want it. Email service with pro-features and friendly environment that may transfer and receive different types of medical data and files, without limitations or delays.

It is a web-based App for all DICOM, Documents and eMails. It offers outstanding management quality interaction and state-of-the-art information system for the healthcare providers. They can interact in real time with all doctors or people involved in a case, by just using the  HealthMail.


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Smart Integration Solutions

Grafimedia has created several smart integration solutions that bridge the gap of communication between different information systems which are installed in healthcare facilities. The ICON Grafimedia integration service includes not only a full analysis and recording of the existing situation but also suggestions of changes that must be applied to the subsystems so that the workflow can become as efficient as possible.

Find more about Grafimedia’s smart integration SaaS solutions:



Grafimedia is a net of Health IT SaaS Experts that develop, install and support healthcare & medical information systems & technology.

Grafimedia is a net of Health IT SaaS Experts

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