Welcome August with a warm smile! Dare to reinvent August and enjoy summer. Pause everything and take the time to appreciate your life!

“Chasing shadows under the sun/ Leaving behind all the noises/ Facing time with a smile/ Staying untold…Silent Messages © Areti Vassou

Day after day, I keep reading posts from people complaining that marketing is getting harder. They find advertising costs rising, month by month. In my humble opinion, when digital experts are looking for easy fame & money, they tend to invest a huge amount of money to get spectacular traffic results & leads, instantly.

But nowadays the competition is hard. Really hard. Next to that, audiences are digitally mature and are not hooked with bad practices and cold selling. People want to be respected. People seek brands that value their attention and time.

Let’s be honest, only if we value our own time we can actually pass this message to the people out there. So, taking a break from reality and spending time with our loved ones is an act of maturity. And not only!

There is always room to be a better person, a happier fellow, a friendlier voice and a leader with a golden heart. Let aside the old ways, where profit was the only goal. Now, we all know that time is the most valuable currency in this world.

August 2020 IDEADECO Newsletter

August Rule: Back to basics

Enjoy real-life pleasures, without any filter. Apparently, social media lifestyle standards are no longer what drives attention. They have collapsed under the pressure of ongoing transformation after the COVID-19 outbreak. People are setting back and redefining their priorities.

It is time to concentrate on real people and true values. Believe it or not, the old fashioned tactic of daydreaming is the ultimate incubator of change. Pause time and admire the collateral beauty around… Yes, all great leaders make time to do nothing.

More than ever we need the essence of August summer vacations to shift our perspective of life. All of us are searching into the pool of the unknown to define our Whys & Hows. This August is the bridge between the life we used to call normal and the new way of normal. Even taking vacations is set under a new frame. Kind of rediscovering how our grandparents used to live during summer. Slow down!

Teach yourself to take the steam out of your head without the use of technology. Take the time to be more human and less connected. Take the time to find your own pace, next to the people you love. Take the time to be mortal.

August 2020 IDEADECO Newsletter

Turn off the noise

Great achievements happen only if we are willing to abandon our safe zone and all the gadgets that work like adult-pacifiers. Live your life in a way that it would make a great story to share. Don’t hold back from what brings you joy!

Be brave enough to open your heart and unveil the deepest corners of your existence. If you want to stand out, then make time to discover & enjoy life. August is meant to give us the chance to harvest these moments of joy.

What are you waiting for? Dive into life!

Areti Vassou

“People who dare to share new ideas and experiences are the ones who move humanity forward.” — Areti Vassou

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August 2020 IDEADECO Newsletter by Areti Vassou

Welcome August! Slow down and enjoy summer. Take the time to find your own pace, next to the people you love. – Areti Vassou

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