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+ Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Thank you Mother, for giving me the gift of life!

International Women’s Day

Thank you all great grand-mothers for your fight and your personal sacrifice. Thanks to your voice and actions, we -women of today – are in position to master our lives.

+ Ellenshop Wedding Accessories

Ellenshop Wedding Accessories

Excellent handmade wedding accessories for the bride-to-be crafted by the amazing designer Eleni Nikolaou.



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+ "Comfort Women" Have Waited too Long for an Apology

Taiwan Urges Japan to Apologize for ‘Comfort Women’ After South Korean Deal

“Comfort Women” Have Waited too Long for an Apology. Tokyo and Seoul reached a landmark settlement on the atrocity on Monday.

+ Αντέχεις να σε λατρεύει με όλη της την καρδιά; Θέλεις αγάπη μόνο ...; Αν αυτό θές πραγματικά, αυτά θα σου δώσουν τα κλειδιά της καρδιάς της στα χέρια σου. IdeaDeco Αρετή Βάσσου

Ο δρόμος για την καρδιά της

Αντέχεις να σε λατρεύει με όλη της την καρδιά; Θέλεις αγάπη μόνο; Δες πως θα τα καταφέρεις…

+ End Violence against Women

End Violence against Women – UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women | UN Women – Headquarters

Prevent violence against women