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Support Code Education Donate to Social Hackers Academy

IDEADECO Team & Areti Vassou, are officially supporting Social Hackers Academy in their efforts to provide free Code Education to vulnerable people within Greece, Europe, and other countries. Join us, today! #SupportSHA #Donate

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+ Blogging Workshop at Social Hackers Academy

Blogging Workshop at Social Hackers Academy

Press Release: We are more than excited to announce our next Online Blogging Workshop for Beginners in collaboration with Social Hackers Academy.

+ Viktorija Ignataviciute Interview

Viktorija Ignataviciute Interview

Viktorija is a digital nomad in Athens full of dreams and energy. She travels around the world and she is determined to be the change she wants to see in the world.

+ My First Year at Social Hackers Academy by Areti Vassou

My First Year at Social Hackers Academy

Volunteering is a way of living. You just want to give back to the community and be a part of the change you want to see in the world.

Donate Education

Support Social Hackers Academy. Give. Don’t think. Just give. It will come back to you, one way or another.


Damianos Vavanos Interview

Damianos Vavanos is a Social Entrepreneur in action and determined to make a change in the world we live in.

+ How to Donate Your Old Laptop by Areti Vassou

How to Donate your Old Laptop

Donate your old laptop and support Social Hackers Academy effort to provide access to education, internet and technology.

+ Donate Your Old Laptop to Social Hackers Academy

Donate Your Old Laptop

Would you like to donate your old laptop to Social Hackers Academy? Please follow the link and send them a message.

+ Social Hackers Academy

Social Hackers Academy

Social Hackers Academy is the first tech education school in Athens for vulnerable groups.