Rock Paper Scissors Events is an established brand in Wedding industry and Luxury Events provinding their services in Greece and Europe since 2011. We had the privilidge to collaborate with the brand’s team in order to boost their search engine ranking, optimize their digital content on their website/blog & social media feed, and also apply a sophisticated SEO strategy.

When we started designing the brand’s SEO Content Strategy for the period 2019 -2020, we focused on the main market categories that could bring the best business leads and clientele for Rock Paper Scissors Events. We set as the top categories for the brand positioning: Weddings in Greece, Wedding Planners in Greece, Destination Weddings in Greece, Luxury Weddings and Event Design, Event Planning and Management as the top categories for the brand positioning.

SEO Content Strategy

Within the 12 months collaboration, the personalized SEO Content Strategy helped the brand to lead the wedding planning market at the top 3 organic results in the main wedding market categories. Among other services we successfully delivered:

  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Content creation
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Brand awareness
  • Website & Blog optimization
  • Blog Management
  • Community building
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Management: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin
  • Brand voicing across all platforms
  • Newsletter SEO content & management
  • Identify content gaps and recommend new topics
  • Manage social media channels
  • Conduct keyword and SEO research
  • Monitor web traffic and engagement
  • Manage the editorial calendar to ensure timely publication
  • Follow industry-related news and generate ideas around trending topics

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