Google Fitness Classes

Did you wish you could directly book and pay for a yoga or exercise session in Google Maps via Google Search? Now you can!

Since the beginning of 2017, you can book directly through the Reserve with Google website! But only for If you live in U.S territory. Rumor has it, that soon will be available all over the world.

Meet Reserve with Google, a clever & easy to use platform that allows users to search for nearby fitness classes. The visitor can navigate to all given sessions with details and descriptions about the classes.

Google has first run a pilot of this high-quality service in New York, L.A., and San Francisco, but now it is available across U.S. and for all fitness studios collaborating with Google’s scheduling partners (Mindbody, Appointy, Front Desk, Full Slate, Genbook, and MyTime).

What I loved about this handy platform is the integration feature is with Google Maps on desktop. That means that in a glimpse you can get all the information you need about a fitness class. You search, spot, read details, book, pay and then you just have to go.

All suggested courses are based on past searches or classes that a user had engaged previously. That, actually, will be your fitness buddy because whenever a new class pops up near you, that may interest you, notifications will arrive at your desktop.

Kiss your excuses goodbye! Now you will never miss your workout!

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