Read the New Interview of Areti Vassou at Crikos

At Crikos they host stories of people from all over the world! Their vision is to show everyone’s positive side and to inspire everyone to give and do more. They create a positive chain reaction and reshape the way we see life.

Maryam Rezaei gave me the opportunity to share my life’s story. I am more than grateful for this unique experience.

It comes a point in life where you have to stop and take a breath. To look back and value the journey. This interview helped me understand that in some cases sharing needs more courage than doing. – Areti Vassou

Areti Vassou Interview at Crikos - Positive Chain Reaction

Areti Vassou

The Lionhearted courageous woman racing for time since she was born…yet she has achieved enough to last for several lifetimes!

Some stories are just beyond words…beyond perception! Trying to listen to them tell their story is an almost impossible task, as every sentence is a gold mine…every sentence is a whole book to read about! The story you are about to read is of a woman whom I thought I knew but believe neither me nor will you ever possibly begin to comprehend… to understand how it was and is to live in her shoes.

Her name is Areti Vassou and it is a great pleasure to call her our new Crikos Ambassador! She is a woman that slips under the radar, a woman extremely humble, genius, thoughtful and generous in every way possible, an expert in so many fields, a lionhearted courageous compassionate woman! A woman who calls herself “stowaway of life”…

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