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In 2011, Shivya Nath left her corporate job in Singapore and jumped head-first into a life of nomadic adventures. Five years on, the Dehradun, India, native has been chronicling her journey on her popular travel blog, The Shooting Star, where aspiring nomads can find well-crafted stories from around the world and resources and tips on supporting a travel bug while on the road.

A Conversation with Shivya Nath

On solo travel, keeping a blog as a nomad, and finding inspiration in everyday encounters.

What are your next destinations — and which do you enjoy more: exploring a new place, or rediscovering an old favorite?

I’ll be traveling back to Germany in September, and for the first time to Scotland after that — both for travel-blogging campaigns (and hence planned well in advance). Between October and December, I’m thinking of either heading to Bolivia, since I’ve loved my time exploring other parts of Central and South America, or traveling up north to Bhutan, where the focus on happiness has intrigued me for years.

The thrill of landing in a new place, not knowing what horizons lie in store, is often hard to resist.

I find myself drawn to places that are not high on the regular tourist radar, for they still tend to have a genuine warmth towards outsiders and lend themselves to incredible adventures; my six-month sojourn through Central America in 2014 bore testimony to that.

The choice between returning to a place I’ve loved versus going to a new place is always a tough one. I usually lean towards the former when I’m in work mode; the familiarity helps me to settle in sooner and I feel less tempted to trade work time for exploration time. But the thrill of landing in a new place, not knowing what horizons lie in store, is often hard to resist.

Source: How to Blog Your Way around the World: A Conversation with Shivya Nath

“The difference between living and existing is how much wonder you find in the beauty around you.”

Shivya Nath


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