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New challenges arise every day that need our full attention. This world’s issues are never tidily solved inside a laboratory or a spreadsheet. Starting from the effects of climate change and how that increases poverty and diseases and worrying how to deal with new forms of natural disasters. The continuous evolution pushes humanity to explore new ideas in engineering, science, healthcare, social, finance, culture, justice, education and digital.


Digital Health

Digital health is the combination of the Digital and Genomic Revolutions* with health,  healthcare, living, and society. The main goal of digital health is to support people’s effort to track, manage, and improve their health. Part of digital health is the process of keeping in one place all medical and health records.

In general, digital health is the field of science that develops interconnected health systems. Those systems are improving the use of computational technologies and the integration with smart devices, computational analysis techniques and communication media. The main mission of digital health is to support healthcare professionals and patients manage several medical conditions, as well as promote health and wellbeing.


🌎  Genomic Revolutions: The genomics revolution actually has to do with how we study ways the humans can evolve, how species can adapt to new environments, and how individuals react to medical treatments. 

🌎  Genomics is an interdisciplinary field of science focusing on the structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genomes.

ICON Grafimedia
Health IT as a Service

The right information brought to the healthcare provider in a smart and simple way.

Over the last decade, the volume of medical information is increasing exponentially, while the management is becoming increasingly complex. Nowadays medical data are produced on various operating systems, using protocols that most of the time cannot communicate with one another. The invaluable contribution of the DICOM3 and HL7 protocols in solving the problem is not sufficient. The easy search and fast retrieval of information are still a challenge and Grafimedia has created solutions that meet these needs.

At Grafimedia they accept this challenge. They are a net of Health Information Technology experts, operating in different countries. They analyze, design, develop and implement workflows for any kind and size of a healthcare facility.

Grafimedia Health IT Team approach each case individually, trying to integrate and bridge existing systems, not necessarily replace them. At the same time, they provide the best cost/performance ratio, without exceeding budgets.

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Grafimedia Digital Health SaaS Experts

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