For a SAAS company, compelling content plays a vital role in attracting, engaging, and converting your target audience. By asking the right questions before creating any piece of content, you can ensure that your messaging is on point, your content is relevant and impactful, and your SAAS project gets the attention it deserves.

No matter how great your SAAS project turns out, there is one important rule that you should never forget: your target audience rules the market. Understanding your audience and delivering value through well-crafted content is the key to driving success in the competitive SAAS market.
This list of 24 questions can make the road smoother. Try them!

  1. What are the key features and functionalities of your SAAS product?
  2. How does your SAAS product address specific pain points or challenges faced by potential customers?
  3. What sets your SAAS product apart from competitors in the market?
  4. Can you provide examples or case studies of how your SAAS product has helped existing customers?
  5. What is the pricing model for your SAAS product, and what value does it offer in comparison to the cost?
  6. How does your SAAS product ensure data security and protect customer information?
  7. What level of customer support or assistance is provided after the purchase of your SAAS product?
  8. How scalable is your SAAS product, and can it accommodate the growth and changing needs of customers?
  9. Are there any integrations or compatibility options with other popular software or platforms?
  10. Can you explain the implementation process and timeline for your SAAS product?
  11. How does your SAAS product handle updates and new feature releases?
  12. What kind of training or resources do you provide to help customers effectively use your SAAS product?
  13. Are there any specific industries or niches where your SAAS product has been particularly successful?
  14. What feedback or testimonials have you received from satisfied customers?
  15. Can you share any data or metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of your SAAS product?
  16. How do you handle customer feedback and requests for product improvements?
  17. What is your company’s vision for the future of the SAAS product and the industry?
  18. How do you ensure the reliability and uptime of your SAAS product?
  19. Can you provide any guarantees or service level agreements (SLAs) to assure customers of the product’s performance?
  20. How do you handle data backups and disaster recovery in case of any unforeseen events?
  21. Can you explain your sales and onboarding process for new customers?
  22. How do you handle customization or tailor-made solutions for customers with specific requirements?
  23. What kind of reporting and analytics capabilities does your SAAS product offer?
  24. Can you provide any references or contacts of existing customers who can vouch for your SAAS product?

In our Copywriting Agency, we are using this list and have never failed to bring in new clients for our SAAS-related clients. By answering these questions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, refine your messaging, and drive engagement.

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