Top tier Content Creation ready to compete A-list brands requires outstanding SEO and original content calibrated according to all state of the art Digital Marketing Strategy fundamentals. Content is the ultimate communication tool for brands and digital entrepreneurs all over the world.

Today, websites and social media are voicing not only a brand’s message but also the mentality and identity of the people behind it. That is the core of personalized content creation & copywriting.

Tell your story the right way and be the leader of the game.

Digital Marketing Strategy is based in fine tuned Web Design in collaboration with interactive Content Marketing. This bond of creativity and technical data mining is the cornerstone for a successful communication strategy for companies and brands aiming to connect with their perfect audience.

If you want to improve in Search Engines results and rank higher than your competitors on Google start optimize your website & content, now.  Avoid common pitfalls and end the period of losing clicks, that drive you on losing clients. Apply the best SEO Content to your brand’s digital assets.

SEO content writing

Find the right words for the right audience

Join today the waiting list for our Business Blogging Workshops. They are designed to satisfy the most demanding professional Bloggers and Content Creators in the world. After you apply to contact our team, you will receive a questionnaire and 1:1 interview will follow.

After 2 years of intense and premium Business Blogging Workshops in 12 different cities all over the world, we are thrilled to announce our next Workshop in Athens. In the most beautiful neighborhood of Athens, our lovely Plaka.

Dare to dream big and dare bigger! Our Business Blogging Workshop is the living proof that everything is doable when people are determined to work towards a certain goal. – Areti Vassou, Founder of

Two years ago the Masterclass Business Blogging Workshops series were just an idea and a future project. Now we have complete 12 Blogging Workshops tailored to the needs of each group. The last one took place in Paris and the previous one was in New York.

I am Areti Vassou and into business blogging and SEO strategy for more than 20 years. I have been into your shoes, wondering how to use my experience & skills to empower my brand.

Our Business Blogging Workshop in Athens covers one main demand. How to improve the message you are sending to the world through your digital assets and content. Four major pillars are forming how we put our mark on the map.

  • Aesthetics [is what makes our professional branding clear]
  • Search Engine Optimization Content [is what makes our content creation have a specific message and goal]
  • Technical SEO [is what keeps your website alive]
  • Personal Branding [is the cornerstone of your business]
get in the game of SEO content writing

SEO Content Writing

Dive in the world of professional SEO content writing for your own blog. Learn how to create the best possible content towards your business goals.

Get in the game. Dare to achieve your desired goals!

Areti is the Digital Strategy Director in the company IDEADECO. Make Ideas Happen @ SEO, Digital Copywriting, Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Email & Content Marketing. 

At IDEADECO, we believe there is a better way to practice digital & content marketing. We prefer to focus on ethics, passion and the unique vision of each client. We like ideas that make this world a better place for us and for the next generations. Feel free to learn more about us in this article: IDEADECO STORY.

Business Blogging Workshop for Content Creators by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Are you ready to join us?

Our Business Blogging Workshops are designed to satisfy the most demanding professional bloggers in the world. After you apply to contact our team, you will receive a questionnaire and 1:1 interview will follow.

To attend our Business Blogging Workshops for Creative Minds you need to fulfill these requirements:

  • Own a blog for at least 1 year
  • Publish new content at least 2 times/month
  • You understand what SEO means
  • You are familiar with the term Content Marketing Strategy
  • You have goals and want to earn your living through blogging services
  • You are creating your own content
  • You spend at least 15 hours/week on your blog
  • Own branded social media channels
  • You have an active LinkedIn account
  • You have an active Facebook business page
  • You have an active Instagram business account
  • You have an active Pinterest business account
  • You really want to improve in the blogging arena!

Have in mind that Workshops in Athens are held in Greek language. In case you are an English speaking blogger check the box for your prefered language.

Waiting list for the next Workshop in Athens

Λίστα αναμονής για το επόμενο Workshop στην Αθήνα

Join this Business Blogging Workshop for Content Creators and master the game of SEO content writing and branding.

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