Business blogging is used by companies and brands to build a strong communication channel with their selected audience, in order to expand their brand awareness.

Within the blog’s content, they address company news, updates, presentations, product guides, industry topics, expert tips, researches, books, financial data, scientific resources, videos, interviews, seminars, workshops, etc. A well-structured business blog can bring traffic to your website and the right attention to your company. And these two are the cornerstones of Brand Awareness.

Although we are used to seeing more posts about certain types of blogs, like travel, magazines, newspapers, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, wedding, fitness, nutrition, food, tourism, DIY, technology, gaming, Fintech, hotels, art, photography, dance, etc blogging doesn’t stop there.

The industry of academic, medical, healthcare, pharma, science, publishing, printing, mechanics, hardware engineer, psychology, business coaching, and many others are only some of the fields that through their websites they use the two major principles of blogging: share knowledge and build communication bridges.

Business Blogging for Brand Awareness
Business Blogging for Brand Awareness

What is Business Blogging?

Let’s start with what really is blogging. Technical is the process of creating short to medium pieces of digital content that we call “posts” and publishing them on a regular basis into a blog. Blogs can exist as solo digital assets or can be part of websites under the section “news” or “blog”.

Let’s make it more clear, blogging has a certain mentality of living. It flourishes from the blogger’s continuous curiosity about almost everything. We can easily say that it’s a mindset of optimistic philosophy that drives bloggers to notice common everyday activities and record their personal reactions in a daily & public digital journal.

Blogging has become an extension of the philosophical principle by Rene Descartes: I think, therefore I exist (Cogito, ergo sum). Today it has transformed into I blog, therefore I exist.

The source of blogging is based on one of the basic needs of humans. The need for communication. Furthermore, it feeds the need for belonging and bonding with your peers. Areti Vassou, Founder of

And by definition blogging (writing and expressing your point of view) offers the illusion of importance. In other words, the belief that “what I share is important”. Only a few pass this false belief and succeed in creating blogging timelines that actually make an impact on the world.

Just to clear the air, we have to stress out that bloggers are not journalists. Bloggers don’t document reality, they only share their personal opinion about a certain topic. Freedom of speech protects individual opinions more than the truth itself. Everyone with the internet and a computer has the opportunity to share their personal opinion, thoughts, stories, work, brand, business, etc.

Business blogging takes out the personal element of blogging. Basically aims to communicate a brand’s values, philosophy, mission, design features, brand identity, business timeline, explain the use of products or/and services, promote events or conferences, establish the mindset behind the brand’s culture, publish important announcements, and PR releases and finally forming what characteristics set the qualities of the community around a brand. All of those are building the brand’s voice and brand awareness.

For the sake of clarity, a blogger may present a brand’s service or product by sharing his/her personal opinion. A business blogger that creates content for a specific business blog may present the service or product without showing any hints of his/her personal opinion.

Business blogging is based on direct communication and it’s motivated by the need to inform the public of all relevant information about a brand. This means that the published content (in all forms) is answering the main questions of Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How.

If a business blogger is starting to create content for service here is a way to answer the main questions:

  • Who is this brand?
  • What is this service is offering?
  • Why should I trust it?
  • Where can I get it?
  • When could it be helpful?
  • How they create it?

The paragraphs must silently answer the obvious questions of the readers and potential clients, without offending in any way the target audience’s concept of values, status, education level, social & financial positioning.

Business blogging is all about delivering the right message to the right people in the right way.

Business Blogging for Brand Awareness

Why Brand Awareness is Important?

The other day the technical department in our company was looking for new equipment for making holes in the walls. We were 5 people in a meeting room, talking about the perfect drilling machine by using one phrase: Which is the best “Black & Decker” in the market?

There we were, 5 high educated people with different backgrounds and nationalities, talking about “Black & Deckers” … and we all knew that we were talking about drilling machines. That’s the desired goal for all brands in the world, to be recognized as the definitive term for a product or a service. Wherever you are in the world, if you are searching for a drilling machine the first keyword will be Black & Decker.

Brand awareness is the goal to become the “Black & Decker” of your industry. And keep this collective connection way after you have leave this world.

In the digital world, companies and brands have more opportunities to establish their brand value and build brand awareness. Business blogging is a major pillar of making this happen. Today is easier than ever before to put a brand on the global map. To make a brand recognizable and establish an identity that consumers can relate to a product or/and service without any doubt.

Brand awareness is the consumer’s consciousness and recognition of a company. It defines a potential customer’s ability to recognize a brand and associate it with a certain need or desire, making the company’s product or services their fisrt choice.

Business blogging is the fertilizer that boosts a brand’s reputation. It sets the frame of direct communication and brand awareness. Therefore, a company, a brand, a business or an entrepreneur should have an active blog section on their website.

Business Blogging for Brand Awareness

The Benefits of Brand Awareness

The number one is more clients for your services or/and products. Number two is client’s loyalty that brings us to number three, business growth. Of course, we never forget that all the above take time, effort, and resources to reach the desired goal.

Who will disagree with the fact that brand awareness has become increasingly important as the Internet became a significant part of our lives?

Now the public is well informed and equipped with all the digital tools of our modern world. The use of mobile phones and social media tools has transformed the communication path into a roller coaster of attention both for new and established brands. If a brand wants to stand out and earn the trust of the people, then the daily fine-tuning of the message/mission/values is the only option.

Business blogging supports the everlasting process of delivering a brand’s message in order to be associated with quality, effectiveness, trust, security, and trustworthiness. Finally, all of them will boost the value of the brand and its equity.

WordPress is a major example of a strong and recognizable brand. When a person is looking for a “blogging” or “blogs” solution, the first answer is WordPress. Go and try a new search on all search machines. What will you see at the top of all queries? Again, WordPress.

WordPress has managed to run 1/3 of today’s websites or blogs. Since 2003, they lead the digital world of CMS and the parent company behind it (AUTOMATTIC) is responsible for some of the top digital assets. Read the complete history of WordPress in this article.

Business Blogging for Brand Awareness

Business & Corporate Blogging Tips by Areti Vassou

During WordCamp Thessaloniki 2019, Areti Vassou had the opportunity to present all the essential tips for a successful Business & Corporate Blog. Here is the video from her presentation:

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  1. Informative article Areti! Investing to increase brand awareness has been even more important now. The messaging is crucial here, as brands need to connect with potential customers. For instance, Gen Zers will look beyond what the products offer to the company’s values, such as environment friendly or CSR activities. These should be highlighted as part of the branding strategies.

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