WordPress Support Services

WordPress Hacked?

This is a priority service that will restore your WordPress website in a day or less (backup should be provided), making sure that hackers won’t visit you again. Get support now!

Fix WordPress Theme

We can install, modify, edit and restore your WordPress theme. We can also customize your theme and add new features such as template pages.Get support now!

Fix WordPress Plugin

Sometimes it’s better to invest time in things you know how to do best. At the same time, we can install and modify your WordPress plugins according to your needs.Get support now!

Fix my WordPress IdeaDeco Support Request Form

Information about FixMyWP.com

FixMyWP.com offers a la carte WordPress Fix Services along with WordPress Support Maintenance Services for websites and blogs that were developed with WP. After receiving your WordPress Support Request they will reply back with a price quote.

When finished the client will receive an email update along with brief details about his/her website issue. In the (ultra)rare case they weren’t  able to repair your WordPress you will receive a full refund.

Note: All payments are made through PayPal.

WordPress Happiness

  • Co-organizers of the 1st WordCamp in Athens, Greece
  • Sponsors of WordCamp Europe 2016
  • Sponsors of WordCamp Boston 2016
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