They are doing awesome work at AUTOMATTIC. They handle web design with passion and respect…And this is what we call business!!!

My WordPress Theme is The Canard by Automattic

The Canard theme is a professionally developed, high-quality, functional template for all kind of sites. The clean and modern layout is well-suited to business and professional web sites. The flexible theme has many features that are easily controlled via the setting panel. But above all, offers a friendly use experience to both visitors and administrators.

Areti Vassou, IdeaDeco

They are doing awesome work at AUTOMATTIC. They handle web design with passion and respect...And this is what we call business!!!

They are doing awesome work at AUTOMATTIC. They handle web design with passion and respect…And this is what we call business!!!

Automattic, Inc. is a web development corporation founded in August 2005. It is most notable for, as well as its contributions to WordPress. The company’s name plays on its founder’s first name, Matt. The company has 399 employees. Wikipedia
Founded: August 2005


We are passionate about makingthe web a better place.

Hassle-free blogging
even with your own domain
freemium model.



Power of the cloud
right there in your own WordPress.
Supercharge your site!



Hang your sign online,
all the world at your doorstep.
A plugin for you.



The bane of all notetakers
is now simply solved.



Links, files, photos, more!
Beam them to the cloud and share.
Sounds awesome? You bet.



Disaster happens.
Buy insurance for your site.
Sleep soundly at night.



Remember the days
innocent inboxes gleam.
Be spam-free again.



Your readers are smart.
Easily find what they think,
polls and surveys, natch.



Identity is
visually portable.
Your face everywhere.



An API for
developers everywhere
to stay on same page. VIP

The best of the best
sites need bulletproof service.
We can handle it.



Great storytelling,
long enough to dig into.
Find it and share it.

We also contribute to a number of non-profit and Open Source projects; here are a few:

Community first
plugins and themes ev’rywhere
together we build.


WP for iOS

Sometimes you have thoughts
while on-the-go in the world
your iPhone is there.


WP for Android

I, for one, welcome
our new Android overlords.
Robots can blog, too.


P2 Theme

Never send email again.
This will change your life.



The web is social,
our connections matter most.
Why isn’t your site?



Blogs sometimes restrain
community discussion.
Forums, the new black.


WordCamp US

Hundreds gather to
share, learn, connect, celebrate
the first of many.

“We are much better at writing code than haiku.
Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic

Inspired by you
Striving to create good
Nothing* is perfect.

* Including this.



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