Christmas Present’s Lists

Getting ready for Christmas gifts is a process that starts long before Holiday Season. My family and friends are located all around the world. So gift hunting -for me- starts on 1st September. First step is to write down all the names, second step is to write the perfect present idea next to the name, third step is to locate it, buy or order it, wrap it, tag it and let it rest in the waiting room to be sent. On 10th of December every year, I am heading to the local post office carrying all the presents, put a stamp on them and kiss them goodbye.

My friends have a variety of holiday celebrations so it is quite a challenge to find a great but not too expensive gift! Let the Holiday Season begin, from Thanksgiving until New Year, including such festivals as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. The power of lists in action!

Christmas Present's Lists

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