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+ Alexandra Katsaiti Stylishious Fashion E-Shop

Stylishious Fashion E-Shop

Alexandra Katsaiti is the master of the first impression before the actual first impression. She knows Style. She’s got it! Visit her fashion e-shop Stylishious.

+ My Style Rocks Greece

My Style Rocks Greece

My Style Rocks winner has got the big prize and now is ready to fly to the sky! Congrats Ramona Vladi!!!

+ Fashion Week. Catwalk Highlights by Chrysanthi Kosmatou. Photographer credits:

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week . Catwalk Highlights by Chrysanthi Kosmatou. Photo credits:

+ Fashion in the city with Chrysanthi Kosmatou Fashion Stylist

Fashion in the City

Just walk in the city with style. Fashion is about having fun!

Think Feel Discover Fashion

A famous and recognized fashion stylist among the London Fashion Week Designers. She knows what great style is and designers appreciate her opinion. If that isn’t a huge accomplishment, then what is?