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+ Fashion in the city with Chrysanthi Kosmatou Fashion Stylist

Fashion in the City

Just walk in the city with style. Fashion is about having fun!

+ Unique Travel Bloggers

Unique Travel Bloggers

Adventures in Wonderland ~ a pilgrimage of the heart.
They are Travelling through the world, and through life, feeling their way by the tips of their fingers: Alison and Don

+ A Conversation with Shivya Nath

Keeping a blog as a nomad

The difference between living and existing is how much wonder you find in the beauty around you.


Petra – The Jewel of Jordan

Petra is about 3 hours away from the capital of Jordan, Amman.For 2000 years the city was hidden in the desert’s darkness, until 1812 where the dashing Swiss explorer J.L. Burckhardt, explored the treasures of this city.