This year WCEU is bringing Panel Discussions back to the WordCamp Europe schedule… and if one set of experts wasn’t enough, they have organised two Panel Discussions with members of the WordPress community to share their knowledge and opinions on two hot topics.

WCEU Panel Discussions

#WCEU Panel Discussions

Panel 1 topic: User onboarding and retention. What can we learn from site builders?


Recent studies show that 63% of marketers say they focus their strategies on customer acquisition and not retention. We all know that retaining customers is much cheaper than buying them.

Building a great UX is one of the most important factors to improve the core of your business, as well as reduce barriers to entry in your website and a better understanding of your customer in order to build a community around your business.

What can we learn from site builders and how can they help us?

Come to this discussion panel moderated by Miriam Schwab and listen to great professionals of the WordPress community who will give us their point of view, don’t miss it!

Hosted by Miriam Schwab

The panelists:

Panel 2 topic: Growing beyond Gutenberg. From block-based editing to site administration

WCEU Panel Discussions


WordPress success is the success of the community, and currently WordPress is going beyond its own barriers and limits. The Gutenberg project is transforming WordPress into an even more powerful editing tool that will change our idea of modern day web editors.

Whether you are familiar with Gutenberg or not, this discussion panel moderated by Hannah Smith will let you know the different phases of the project and you’ll find out first hand from the experts the latest Gutenberg news and updates. Join in to find out more!

Hosted by Hannah Smith

The panelists:

WCEU Panel Discussions

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