The seventh group of speakers of the upcoming WordCamp Europe 2019 will share their professional experience about Gutenberg. The hottest topic of the day!

This group of speakers will be delivering talks and hosting workshops on topics relating to the popular topic of Gutenberg. People who want to learn more and master Gutenberg, this is the perfect chance. In my opinion, this year WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin, has put a lot of effort to bring the best speakers & topics. We can not wait to hear them!

In this WordCamp the speakers are divided into 8 groups covering topics such as Business, Design, Gutenberg, Development, Open Source and Communities.

WordCamp Europe 2019: The topic of the seventh group of speakers is Gutenberg

WordCamp Europe 2019 hashtag is #WCEU

Speakers for Gutenberg

Say WordCamp and open your ears. Meet the seventh group of WordCamp Europe 2019 speakers about Gutenberg.

Elio Rivero

[Workshop] Creating a Gutenberg block

Elio is a developer, designer, and a WordPress core contributor who has recently contributed to Gutenberg core and the TwentyNineteen theme. As a code wrangler at Automattic, Elio works on the Jetpack plugin for WordPress, mainly in the UI built with React and Redux that leverages the REST API. Whenever he’s not coding or tinkering with Gutenberg block possibilities, he’s taking photos, enjoying the rain, eating chocolates, and hiking in the hills and woods that surround his city.

Elio Rivero

Felix Arntz

Leveraging the power of custom elements in Gutenberg

Felix is a developer programs engineer at Google and a WordPress core committer from Germany, currently residing in Switzerland. He has been contributing to WordPress and the open web for several years and is a maintainer of the Core Multisite, Capabilities and REST API components. Felix has published numerous open source plugins and libraries. Aside from WordPress, he spends his time producing music, playing the piano and playing soccer. He also drinks a lot of Mountain Dew.

Felix Arntz

Joe McGill

Semantic content in a block editing world

Joe McGill is a WordPress core developer, focusing primarily on maintaining the Media component. He also works as a senior WordPress engineer at Human Made, providing technical leadership on projects for enterprise clients.

Joe McGill

Kåre Steffensen

How Gutenberg changed the way we sell WordPress sites

A WordPress evangelist & online generalist working at Peytz & Co, Kåre focuses on putting WordPress to the test in the hands of businesses in Denmark. Kåre teaches and gives talks  content strategy from a WordPress standpoint. After falling in love with WordPress in 2009, Kåre became active in the Danish WordPress community as a speaker and organiser.

Kåre Steffensen

Mel Choyce

Designing your first Gutenberg block

Mel Choyce is a wicked awesome product designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Not only is Mel a WordPress core committer and former release lead, she is a regular core contributor and speaks frequently at WordCamps on design, typography, and user experience. When Mel isn’t designing products at Automattic, she enjoys cold brew coffee, craft beer, and rocking out in her band.

Mel Choyce

Michele Mizejewski

Gutenberg and page builder plugins: Two great tastes that taste great together

Michele is a UX/UI designer at the University of California, San Francisco and a contributor to the WordPress design community. A longtime WordPress enthusiast, she believes that websites and the tools used to build them should be well crafted, intuitive, and accessible.

Michele Mizejewski

Tom Nowell

Using blocks outside the editor

Tom works his days as a VIP launch engineer at VIP for Automattic. He reviews and deploys millions of lines of code each year for large sites at scale. Tom is also a community moderator at WordPress Stack Exchange, lead developer for VVV, and a conference speaker.

Tom Nowell
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