The fifth group of speakers of the upcoming WordCamp Europe 2019 will share their professional experience about Development. What can we say about the core digital technology of development?

This group of speakers will be delivering talks and hosting workshops on topics relating to development for those who want to learn more. In my opinion, this year WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin, has put a lot of effort to bring the best speakers & topics. We can not wait to hear them!

In this WordCamp the speakers are divided into 8 groups covering topics such as Business, Design, Gutenberg, Development, Open Source and Communities.

WordCamp Europe 2019: The topic of the fifth group of speakers is Development I

Speakers for Development I

Say WordCamp and open your ears. Meet the fifth group of WordCamp Europe 2019 speakers about Development.

WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers, Development I
WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers, Development I

Anesa Colakovic

Education Innovators

Anesa has travelled to more than 60 countries and speaks more than 5 languages. Her hobbies include dancing to Latin rhythm, cooking Indian food, and training karate.

Anesa Colakovic
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David Needham

Find that bug you made months ago with Git Bisect

David has a heart for helping beginners to feel empowered and to grow. He uses his own experience to explain topics, ranging from fundamental building blocks to soft skills such as productivity and public speaking, clearly and concisely.

David has presented on Drupal and WordPress dozens of times, including at DrupalCons in Chicago, London, Denver, Munich, Portland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Vienna, Nashville, and Drupal Europe 2018; as well lots of WordCamps, including WCEU in Belgrade.

David Needham
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George Gkouvousis

[Workshop] Deploying a WordPress webserver in minutes

George is co-founder of 8web Interactive, has been a full stack developer for more than eight years, and is an official WPML contractor and rtCamp’s EasyEngine project expert.

Handling some serious projects in Greece and London, he helps serve the world wide web tons of megabytes every day through awesome websites and scalable solutions.

WordCamp dots

John Jacoby

Advanced database management for plugins

John is a software developer and project lead for BuddyPress and bbPress, as well as a WordPress core contributor, component maintainer, and security team member.

John Jacoby
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Jonathan Bossenger

[Workshop] Travelling the web on the WordPress HTTP API

Jonathon is an open source, freelance web developer from Cape Town, South Africa. His time is currently split between being lead developer on Seriously Simple Podcasting/Castos and working with clients from around the world through Codeable.

Jonathon enjoys writing and sharing knowledge with others and regularly speaks and blogs about development or related topics, from hosting to freelance business practices.

WordCamp dots

Maura Teal

Develop with Docker: Containers for everyone!

Maura is a software engineer at Pagely and previously developed for WordPress at scale at a large media company. She is an open source and emoji enthusiast, and is a firm believer that speaking about and sharing life experiences — both failures and successes — builds lasting connections.

Maura Teal
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Pascal Birchler

On multilingual WordPress sites

Pascal is a software engineer and WordPress core developer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He’s been working with WordPress for half of his life and is an avid member of the community.

Most recently, Pascal joined Google as a developer programs engineer to help advance WordPress even more. Living in a multilingual country, he is passionate about internationalisation and improving this area in WordPress to make software for accessible for everyone.

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