Trust Didgit will clean, update and protect your hacked WordPress site in 24 hours! They have cleaned more than 2,500 WordPress sites in the last 3 years.

Didgit is a state-of-the-art WordPress Security agency based in Athens, Greece. They have dealt with defaced sites, .htaccess injections, drive-by download malware, men in the middle attacks and compromised servers.

Their customers come from all over the world and as they admit that is one the things they love about their work: the fact that they are dealing with people from different parts of the world. Of course, it also has to do with their genuine passion for solving problems and restoring hacked sites and bringing them back to life.

The team reveals their philosophy:

We deal all our clients the same, it doesn’t matter if it’s a site with thousand of visitors and many people working on it or a simple 5 page blog; we always try our best to clean all of the hacked site(s) as soon as possible and offer the best service service during and after the cleanup.


Didgit Services

Has your WordPress been hacked? Are you having issues with your Google Rank because of it? They can clean, update and secure your WordPress sites in 24h hours or less. Every Order Includes the following services:

Malware Removal and Cleaning
Page Redirection Removal
Site Restore from backup(if you have a clean backup available)
WordPress Core files update
WordPress Core themes and plugins update
Check that correct privileges (WordPress roles and capabilities) were assigned to each WordPress user and update where necessary.
WordPress Hardening
Google Whitelisting. No more “This site may be hacked” warning when someone is visiting your site using Google Chrome browser.
.htaccess and WordPress Configuration file Audit
Brute Force Attack Prevention
Malware Cleanup Report


Let’s have a look at their Malware Protection Services Plans for WordPress sites:

This is a per site subscription. A 12-month minimum charge applies for every plan.

Clean Your Hacked WordPress Site


Clean Your Hacked WordPress Site



Clean Your Hacked WordPress Site


My Opinion

Didgit can fully clean your site in 24 hours or less from the moment you successfully submit their Payment Request Form. They cleaned some of our client’s websites and they successfully delivered what they promised.

We are happy and satisfied with their services! – Areti Vassou, Ideadeco

This is not a sponsored post. We have used their services and we support great ideas. Being kind and supportive never harmed anyone, right?



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