Watercolor Plants

By Creative Market Designer Anastasia

Hello, my name is Anastasia. I’m an illustrator, working on various techniques. Vector, digital art, traditional art. I hope my work will ease your creative process. And they will help you create the best designs.  Feel free to get in touch! Visit my store and discover all my designs!

Watercolor Plants by Creative Market

Graphic Designers Heaven

This elegant set consists watercolor floral designs, designs of wreaths and plant patterns. It can help you create wonderful wedding design or create a branded product style. And it can also inspire you to develop a sophisticated logo for your brand. It’s suitable for designing branded packages, fabrics, clothes, books,  posters, content for blog or website, visual assets foInstagramam, YouTube and all the social media platforms.

Watercolor Plants by Creative Market

All elements are painted by hand in watercolor. Scanned at 1200 dpi and neatly cut out on a transparent background in Photoshop. Also, all elements are traced in the illustrator and stored in the EPS. Each clipart is saved as a separate PNG file with a transparent background for your convenience.

Watercolor Plants by Creative Market

So this is what you get:

45 clipart elements (PNG with a transparent background, PSD, EPS)
8 design frames (PNG with a transparent background)
8 design patterns (PNG with a transparent background)




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