Discover Karpenisi

Karpenisi is a friendly town in central Greece. It is the capital of the regional unit of Evrytania. Karpenisi is situated in the valley of the river Karpenisiotis , a tributary of the Megdovas, in the southern part of the Pindus Mountains.

Discover Karpenisi

Discover Karpenisi

Karpenisiotis is a river that springs from the western sides of Tymfristos, flows between the mountains Chelidona and Kaliakouda, runs through the canyon of Klidi and in the village of Dipotama is united with the river Krikelopotamos and together form the river Trikeriotis. Its banks are graced with pine and plane trees as well as with two well known villages Mikro and Megalo Chorio. Karpenisiotis is 15 kilometers long.  Read more at

Karpenisiotis river

Karpenisiotis river

Mount Tymfristos (2,315 m elevation) lies to the north of the town, and the foothills of mount Kaliakouda are in the south. Karpenisi has a ski resort and is a very popular destination, during winter. It is called Switzerland of Greece for the resemblance with the mountainous country and its beauty.

Distance from Athens: 283 km. Travel time with car: 3 hrs 35 mins.

Discover Karpenisi

Discover Karpenisi

Monastery of Proussos

Thousands of believers visit this historic monastery in Greece, in order to witness and kiss the icon of the Virgin Mary (Panagias tis Prousiotissas), the miracle-worker.

The Holy Monastery of Proussou in Karpenisi

The Holy Monastery of Proussou in Karpenisi

Tradition says that the icon arrived here in a miraculous way from Proussa (Bursa) in Asia Minor, during the Iconoclastic period. The silver and gold cover was a donation from the Greek Hero Georgios Karaiskakis, during the War of Independence.

The Beauty of Karpenisi

The panoramic view from Agios Dimitrios

The panoramic view from Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios

Near Karpenisi there is Agios Dimitrios, that was built in 1886. The view of the region from this hillside, that reach as far as Velouhi, is spectacular.

Always Raining Canyon

Always Raining Canyon, near Karpenisi

Always Raining Canyon, near Karpenisi

In Central Greece, near Karpenisi, there is the narrow passage of Krikellopotamou, between two mountains and it  looks like a canyon. It’s a magical place with lakes, waterfalls, caves, dense vegetation and steep cliffs. It’s located at the base of Kaliakoudas and the Platanaki mountains.

The glowing gem of Central Greece

Into the blog of the official website of Discover Greece, Manos Lianopoulos has shared his experience with all Karpenisi enthusiasts. Here it is:

Karpenisi, is a town in the heart of Central Greece, built at the foot of Mt Velouhi. It constitutes the ideal springboard for you to discover the natural beauty of the area and explore all its wonderful villages and hamlets. As the capital of the prefecture of Evrytania, it definitely has a lot of experiences to offer, making it a favourite among tourists of all kinds.

The glowing gem of Central Greece, Karpenisi

The glowing gem of Central Greece, Karpenisi

During the summer months it is visited by hikers and climbers because the area boasts a number of impressive mountain peaks and river valleys, which lend themselves to such activity. Besides this, it has a special attraction during winter since 11km to the north lies the Ski Centre of Velouhi, possessing no less than 18 skiing pistes.

But now I would like to turn my attention south of Karpenisi and take you on a trail through a few of those wonderful villages, each in its own way a paean to the great traditions of the region.

The first village, just 5 km from the town, is Koryshades. This picturesque stone built hamlet of 44 residents, with a proud legacy, touched my heart in so many ways. The spacious square, gorgeous houses and well-tended little shops create a very beautiful atmosphere. It was here during World War Two, after a secret vote by representatives from most of Greece, that the National Council of Free Greece was created. Continue reading…

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