Ast Products No Ordinary Soaps

Enjoy Ast Products New Collection at The Meet Market 15-16 October 2016, Gazi, Athens.

What is Ast products?

AST PRODUCTS NO ORDINARY SOAPS are handmade natural body products made with attention to detail and quality, rich in olive and almond oil with non-toxic fragrances or colours, suitable for all skin types.

Who is behind Ast Products?

The master mind behind Ast Products Magic is Asteris Asteriou. When he was a child he wanted to be an astronaut. His favourite city is Athens and on his lazy days he is drinking coffee and planning new projects. Bach is what inspires him.

Asteris Asteriou Ast Products No Ordinary Soaps

How they feel?

Ast Products make you feel like a king or queen!

Smoothing experience both for your face and body.
The beauty of life is in the details. YOLO… You only live once!!!
So DIY your happiness…

-Please, as delicious it may smell, don’t eat our products
-They are designed for external use and not as a desert for your mouth…
Ast Products always stick to their principles:
Organic and vegan ingredients,
no animal testing,
paraben free,
chemical free,
no synthetics,
organic natural fragnrances.


Wanna have a  look at AST PRODUCTS shop? Here is the rabbit hole:
Ast Products Shop

35006 GREECE
TEL: ++22350 31770

The Meet Market is back

The Meet Market is back this fall at our classic venue in the center, Technopolis, City of Athens. Join us this October, Saturday 15 & Sunday 16, from noonish to midnightish and let’s celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit!  And if the Meet Market alone is not enough of a reason to pass by, here are some extra incentives…

1. VR PROJECT: This month we are doing a very special collaboration with these guys and inviting you all to step into another reality… a virtual one.  Its free, and all weekend long, so come one, come all.  For more info, check out!

2. 25+ New Participants:  That’s right… it never stops… the creativity just keeps growing!  Amongst our 100+ stands of Meet Market stalls, there will be over 25 new artists, designers and local businesses making an appearance for the first time… so expect to find plenty of new temptations.

3. We’ve missed you!:  Although we did a Meet Market in September, it was a mini one.  It’s been a while since the last mega Meet Market and we’ve missed those funny faces of yours… so come on by to say hello, catch up, and celebrate the new season.

4. The classic reasons you come:… the socializing, the music, the interactive games for kids, the drinks, the freebies you can get if you come play the game at the central cashier.

5. Support Local: Keep it Greek. Support local businesses and creativity.

The Meet Market: A 2 day celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit… A nomadic market place of local goods, fresh ideas and friendly folk. An audio-visual jigsaw of handmade & independently designed clothes, accessories, art, objects, organic body products, home ware, tasty food, vintage & retro collectables, records, interactive games, free prizes, dj sets and good vibes.



Hand-Designer Clothes:
Armiriki, Ergo by Anastasia, In the wee hours of his mind, Inky, Joanna Misseli, Love Cuts, My Fashion Eyes, OR Handmade, Otkutur, Peggy Egglezou, Razzmatazz, RBPD, Teever, Venetia Ioakim, Xana, Yoki Attitudes

Shoes, Bags & Accessories:
Angela Rapti, El Greco, {flu:k} Handmade Artbits, Fungo Artigiano, Intro by Art Leather, Καλά Μπεξίματα, kannabishop, Liliana LK Kotur, Majo, Naga Creations, Priggipessa, Queen Bee CR, Stafnloi, tiramisu eyewear

Kids & Pets:
Antalou, BHand Art Collection, dani dogs, Kounia Bella, My Dress Tales, The Loops, Things to Love, ΥΑΖ

Alanima, Adorable Adorments, Art of Turtle, art.7702, Be my hero, Blue Margarita, Buho Crafts, Cat Black, Clockwork Rebels, Demetrios Collezioni, Design is play, Drama Queen, Elina Chatzilouis, Filigrane, j.a.m., Jousourum, Just for you by Eleni Tsap, kaleido handmade, Klohandmade, Madamoselle, MPAF Design, Mother Nature Jewels, My Bling, ouph, Projectaki, Regina Trifeau, Sophia Koutsoukou, Sotiria, The Penguin – Handmade Stories, The Sardine Box, xoutou’s creations

Vintage & Retro:
Λαβ Unused, Holy Mustache, Guadeloupe, MK Fashion, My Vintage Collection, NewSkin, The Magic Bus Vintage, Vaso Voulgari

Beat Market:
To Diskadiko, Trelandjas Mixer, Vinylized

Mind, Body and Soul:
Άπο το συρτάρι της γιαγιάς, αθός workshop, Althemis, AST Products – No Ordinary Soaps, bee natur alles, Bio Narkisos, Βιολογικά αιθέρια έλαια και Βότανα Σάμου Κληρονόμου, Βοτάνων Λόγος, Ελαιώνας του Ήλιου, Φυλώ, Gaia Products, King’s Head, Λευκή Ταϋγέτου, Myrro Herbal Lab, Sabater Hermanos, Soap Plaza, SoOoap Boutique, Virgin Cosmetics, Ya Su

Art, Books, Photography & Prints:
birds & lofts by Myrsini Maneta, Coocoovaya, Beauty Diaries, Φιλία Αποστολάκου, House of Baum, Inlenso Photography, Katé, Lucky Elephant, Stergidis Comics, Tsonis Art, vintage trip, xrisima dwra

Objects, Ceramics, Furniture & Home Deco:
30G, A Handmade Affair, Anactachs, Atermono, Fellos, Industrial Gas Museum Shop, Little Rocks- Handcrafted Furniture & Funwear, λόλα.βλαστου, made by Tifi., More Home, Pots and Plants by b2mt, Think Pig, Unique Clay, Vinylize

Mmmm… Food:
Αγρός – Ανδρέα Δ. Κουτσούμπα, Αγρόκτημα Αθανασόπουλου, ΑΡΙΣΤΕΟΣ, aroma melissas, Cantina Mexicana, Chocolart, Etnico / Alternative Street Cuisine, Gourmet Life, Κρητικά Προϊόντα Μπαφάκη, Koutalitses, LQid Bar, O Ontas Falafel House, Παστέλι Κέας, Penelope’s Marmalade, Señor Pollo, Sparoza, “Το Δισάκι” Ελληνικό Φυστικοβούτυρο Θράκης, Troo Food Liberation

Technology & Games:
Become a Prophet, Paradise Waterfalls, The VR Project

Saturday 15/10
13.00 – 15.00: DJK a/k/a Zegas
15.00 – 17.00: Christ OD
17.00 – 19.00: DJ Miss Shy
19.00 – 21.00: Σοβαρός Πιγκουίνος
21.00 – 23.00: Haze

Sunday 16/10
13.00 – 15.00: Mit Paravich
15.00 – 17.00: Santoner RPZ
17.00 – 19.00: J. Melik
19.00 – 21.00: Gunderscore
21.00 – 23.00: Trelandjas Mixer



The FireFly Team, Creative Expression for kids:
“ The filling of the cake is strange… its weird… and its very COLOURFUL!  Next weekend, 15&16/10, we are going to break open the cake and examine each and every bite, and of course, its crazy filling.
The game starts at 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 both Saturday and Sunday.

The Mobile Art Laboratory: Panygiraki and the autumn season have come together to celebrate tradition and create a game based around our imagination and ability to disguise ourselves.  For kids all ages and their parents.
Sunday 16./10 from 13:00 – 19:00.

The VR Project:
Located in the center of Athens, only 3 minutes walk from the Monastiraki Metro station, are the VR Project headquarters.  Composed of 4 Virtual Reality Labs hosting the most up-to-date virtual reality equipment, visitors are welcome 6 days a week to come and experience the wonderful world of Virtual Reality.  This October, the Meet Market and the VR Project are merging forces, and creating an interactive Virtual Reality space, all weekend long (free entrance of course) in Technopolis.  So put on your HTC Vive headset, and step into a strange new virtual world!

The Meet Market , Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 October.

Technopolis, City of Athens.

The Meet Market Athens 15-16.10.2016

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